The following publications can viewed or downloaded for personal use:

  • "Stratigraphic forward modeling software package for research and education", 2023, by Daniel Tetzlaff, arXiv:2302.05272v1 [physics.geo-ph]. This paper describes the principles behind the SedSimple program, an open source package (available on this web page). The paper is useful to complement the user documentation provided with the software.
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  • "A Simulation Model of Clastic Sedimentary Processes", 1987, by Daniel Tetzlaff, PhD Thesis, Stanford University, newly reformatted searchable pdf version (248 pages, 37.0 Mb). This thesis was published in book form as: Tetzlaff, D.M., and Harbaugh. J.W.(1989) "Simulating Clastic Sedimentation". The thesis is more complete than the book. It is old but may still be relevant.
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Presentation to be viewed online:

  • "The Evolution of Geologic Process Models", 2022, by Daniel Tetzlaff, technical keynote presentation given at the 2022 AAPG Workshop on "Geologic Process-Based Forward Modeling", Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.