We develop custom software by contract. However, some software is available for download at no cost. To download software, please login (use the form on the right side of this page, create an account if necessary). Once you are logged in, select "Downloads" under the item "Software" in the menu bar above, which will lead you to the download options. Please refer to our Privacy Policy in the menu bar above if you have any concerns about creating an account on this site.

Downloadable software includes the following:


SedSimple is a simple geologic process-based forward model to be used in research and education. It is written in C/C++. An executable for Windows is provided, but it is easy to build on other systems. It is open source and uses simple ASCII files for input and output. It can be paired with other applications for graphic display (see below).

Sirius Light

Sirius Light is a graphics program to display the input and output files from SedSimple. Presently it runs on Windows 64-bit versions. A license is provided at no cost.